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Are you feeling an urge to dramatically change something about your life, career or business? Are you looking to make the leap from good to great to greatest?

Or, has your drive, passion, and focus been diminished? Are you lacking direction, purpose and meaning? Or, maybe you have a compulsive need to always keep working; stuck in the productivity-trap and feeling like your energy’s depleted, exhausted or even burnout! 

It can be a fine line between thriving empowered-achiever and dysfunctional over-achiever, are you struggling to tell the difference?


Burnout is an occupational phenomenon. It changes the brain, impacting creativity, working memory, and problem-solving. In prolonged, more severe cases, the symptoms can be far worse.

Do you feel like you’re keeping yourself at a growing mental distance from your job or homelife? Are you experiencing increased feelings of negativism or cynicism related to your job or homelife? Reduced professional efficacy? Irritation, oversensitivity, or social anxiety (more than usual)? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then I'm thrilled to have you here!

Let's face it, we are in a time of massive upheaval. So many things are beyond our control. We can be left feeling drained, anxious, and overwhelmed. The mental-health toll on many of us is growing. And most of us face this looming monolith of a requirement: to reinvent ourselves, our careers, and our businesses. 

The Capacity To Reinvent Ourselves Is An Essential Life Skill For Surviving And Flourishing In The Society Of Today And Tomorrow.

Getting support and training from a highly-skilled specialist can help us survive tough times and cope with the loss, change, and trauma by building resilience so we can better adapt to life changing events. But beyond survival; life is about thriving both personally and professionally even in challenging times.

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Your life will meet you right where your mind is.

Your mindset rules your life! Every next level of life will demand a new mindset and that requires new rules. You must train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you will lose yourself every time. And you must leverage your biochemistry to positively support your mindset. To breakthrough ineffective and habitual patterns of behaviour and thoughts, you need someone highly-skilled by your side challenging your limits. That's what Great Minds Brainery is here for!

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Who Are We?

Hi. I'm Craig Anthony, Founder of Great Minds Brainery and author of  best selling book YOU ARE TRANSFORMABLE. 





As a scientist and peak performance strategist, I’ve been engineering human potential & performance for over 20-years, and have developed a robust and scientifically sound set of strategies and techniques. I’ve applied them in my own life to breakthrough limitations; conquer debilitating life-stressors and thrive; both personally and professionally even during challenging times.

I’ve taught these techniques to others with astonishing results that have led me to become sought-after coach and corporate consultant providing advanced education to those who are looking to push boundaries and gain that extra edge in life, sport and in business.

Me and my Specialist Team at Great Minds Brainery cover all characteristics of high-performance; from the way you perform life, business or sport to the food you eat to fuel your body and mind. We create tailor-made programs designed to provide everything you need to function at your optimal best.


Brain Optimisation                       Peak Performance
Mental Health & Wellbeing       Motivation & Inspiration  
Physical Health                            Self-Awareness  
Skillset Enhancement                Career & Relationships


Through groundbreaking neuroscience we help our clients harness the incredible power of the mind, discover what's been holding them back at a biochemical & psychological level and develop their capabilities for high-performance & happiness.

Increase your energy, Feel happier, Have more drive, Laser-like focus, and regain the motivation to go after your goals. And that’s not all! We've helped literally thousands of people to breakthrough limitations, conquer fear, overcome stress & anxiety and thrive; both professionally and personally in challenging times.

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Our Clients' Feedback

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Craig is a spectacular coach, advisor and cheerleader. He brings deep understanding and practical strategies to finding happiness and success in life and business. His insight, experience and encouragement has fundamentally changed how I think about business challenges and opportunities. I now approach both with new principles, techniques and a sense of fun that lead to better results personally and professionally. Craig brings exceptional ideas, hard lessons as an entrepreneur and unrivalled connections to people and resources. I also appreciate his integrity, passion and commitment toward my goals. Craig is a tour de force and I recommend him highly as a personal coach and consultant to entrepreneurs and organisations focused on profitable growth.

Carl White CEO

CX INLAW Melbourne, Australia

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