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Your mindset rules your life! Every next-level of life will demand a new mindset and that requires new rules. To breakthrough, you need someone highly-skilled by your side challenging your limits.Craig is that guy! 

Craig Anthony in a Private Jet


Mental Clarity & Focus


Improve Wellbeing & Mental Health


Learn Across Changing Contexts and Develop Resilience


Improve Sleep and Increase Energy


Stop Over Analysing and Execute Tasks with Precision and Confidence


Be More Productive & Effective


Alleviate Anxiety, Brain-Fog, Fatigue, Self-Doubt and Depression


Sustain All The Above Over Your Lifetime & Career

Train Your Brain


Mental Health & Wellbeing


Peak Performance, Motivation, Purpose & Meaning


Resilience Training


Skill-Set Enhancement


Positive Relationships &



Brain Optimisation


Self-Awareness & Mindfulness


Physical Health & Performance

Key Areas of Development

Craig Anthony




“We teach best what we most need to learn.” ~ Richard Bach

Over the last two decades, Craig Anthony has developed a robust and scientific set of strategies and techniques to enhance human potential and performance.

He's applied them in his own life to breakthrough limitations; conquer debilitating life-stressors and thrive; both professionally and personally during challenging times.

He's taught these techniques to others with astonishing results that have led him to become a sought-after coach and consultant providing advanced education to those who are looking to push boundaries and gain that extra edge.

He is a serial entrepreneur and former CEO & Co-founder of a boutique media agency and independent publishing house. 

Throughout his career he's collaborated with the worlds most iconic luxury lifestyle brands, along with some of the most notable tech companies on the planet. He's advised, trained and coached clients in all sectors, from banking, finance and professional services through to technology and healthcare. 

The Problem?

Do you recall a time when we haven’t had crises in our world? These days it seems like we’re always sliding chaotically from one crisis to the next.


Let’s face it. We’re in a time of massive upheaval. It’s unprecedented. With our current economic, social, and cultural crises, not to mention emerging technologies, it’s especially difficult to see what’s next. The digital revolution is changing how we live and work, and our cultural and social shifts are inviting us to question everything. 


As a result, everyone—in business, as organizations, and individually—will need not only to survive but to thrive among the radical transformations and reinventions these times call for. We all need to co-exist in a perpetual and accelerating state of transition.

So many things are beyond our control. We can be left feeling drained, anxious, and overwhelmed. The mental-health toll on many of us is growing. Most of us face this looming monolith of a requirement: to reinvent ourselves, our careers, and our businesses. 

A recent survey uncovered the following about people in the workforce:


  • 75 percent experienced brain fog

  • 82 percent experienced procrastination

  • 82 percent were easily distracted

  • 65 percent were easily overwhelmed

  • 71 percent experienced high levels of stress

  • 58 percent didn’t wake up feeling refreshed

  • 47 percent experienced sadness

  • 62 percent had inconsistent energy throughout the day

  • 65 percent got caught in a negative mental feedback loop



These numbers are astonishing. An overwhelming number of powerful and worldly individuals in business are not enjoying complete wellness when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing. 

Some 65 percent of business leaders have suffered from poor mental health.

Poor mental health and other forms of illness don’t discriminate. They can affect any one of us, at any time, including senior business leaders. Stress, anxiety, and depression are the biggest causes of sickness-related absence from work and school. They can have a devastating impact on the real lives of people like you and me.

Are you feeling like your energy’s depleted or exhausted? Do you feel like you’re keeping yourself at a growing mental distance from your job or homelife? Are you experiencing increased feelings of negativism or cynicism related to your job or homelife? Reduced professional efficacy? Irritation, oversensitivity, or social anxiety (more than usual)? Burnout is an occupational phenomenon. It changes the brain, impacting creativity, working memory, and problem-solving. In prolonged, more severe cases, the symptoms can be far worse.

The capacity to reinvent ourselves is an essential life skill for surviving and flourishing in the society of today and tomorrow.

The Solution!



Getting support and training from a highly-skilled specialist can help us survive tough times and cope with the loss, change, and trauma by building resilience so we can better adapt to life changing events. But beyond survival; life is about flourishing in the society of today and tomorrow both personally and professionally. 

By identifying ineffective habits, we can refocus our energy on the things that count: enhancing our personal productivity, performance & wellbeing. 


High performance at work is directly related to our ability to sustain a fulfilling life while executing tasks with precision, clarity and in alignment with our core values. Peak performance is when our mental, emotional, and physical abilities are working together to achieve our personal best. 

  1. Do you have awareness of a mental obstacle but can’t let it go?

  2. Are you at a ‘Crossroads in Life’ and are indecisive, confused and/or afraid?

  3. Do you feel you’re not reaching your potential and struggling to perform at your best?

  4. Are you a leader looking to refresh, keep focused and gain the psychological and biochemical advantage?


At the heart of an organisation are its people. To create a high performing organisation that can last the test of time in an unpredictable world: performance as a driver is no longer a sufficient metric to rely on. Instead, leaders must focus on the overall wellbeing and vitality of the organisation as a complete human system in order to sustain excellence. 


Craig and his specialist team create bespoke performance and wellbeing programs for entire staff, team or managers through scientifically proven methods suitable for any company setting. Below is a list of the different types of corporate services  provided.

  • 1 on 1 sessions 

  • Small group training workshops 

  • Interactive seminars 

  • Large scale whole staff training days and events

  • Zoom mentoring and feedback sessions

  • Keynote speeches 

Why Hire Craig's Specialist Team?


Your mindset rules your life! Every next level of life will demand a new mindset and that requires new rules. You must train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or else you will lose yourself every time. Your life will meet you right where your mind is! To breakthrough ineffective and habitual patterns of behaviour and thoughts, you need someone highly-skilled by your side challenging your limits. Craig is that guy!


He covers all characteristics of high performance; from the way you perform business to the food you eat to fuel your body and mind. Craig and his specialist team create tailor-made programmes designed to provide everything you need to function at your best. 

Deep seated shifts in mindset more often than not require a multi-faceted approach. A number of tools and techniques are used but not limited to:


NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Neuroscience techniques

mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques)

Wealth & Talent Dynamics Profiles

Energy Alignment Techniques

Subconscious Repatterning

Behavioural Change and Modelling

Positive Psychology


Performance Psychology

Nutritional Psychology and Biohacking 


You will have Craig and his specialist teams full support, accountability, and commitment to helping you get the results you desire. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

If you get to the end of the programme, you have done the work and can honestly say you haven't achieved significant results, based upon what is agreed as achievable within the programme timeframe. Craig will continue to work with you at no cost for the same period of time of your coaching program.

He's applied the same scientifically sound set of strategies & techniques in his own life to breakthrough limitations; conquer debilitating life-stressors and thrive; both professionally and personally during challenging times. And so can you! He's taught these techniques to others with astonishing results.


"Being evicted from the comfort zone is how we grow but pain is why we transform." Spare a thought for the caterpillar rearranging itself into a butterfly!"


Why Is It So Damn Hard To Change?

According to psychological research, your identity and personality are fully formed by the time you reach 35 years of age. If you’re over 35, this means you’ve memorized your own set of associative memories, attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, conditioned responses, emotional reactions, habits, perceptions, and skills.


You embody this set of subconscious programs. And your embodied mindset now runs your life. Preprogrammed at a biochemical and psychological level, it can hold you back in life.


You could go on thinking the same thoughts for the rest of your life, and seldom pause to think about those thoughts. In the same way, you could go on feeling the same feelings, showing the same reactions and manners.


And if you will always accept the same dogmas, your perceptions of reality will probably unfold in the same old ways. Your programming will remain within default parameters, or within those that were last set. You will continue becoming automatic.


Your every thought, action, and utterance are affected by these deep-seated habits. They’re etched into your life, but will they guide you onward or hinder your progress?


Look at the state and quality of your life right now. It reflects, directly, your daily habits.


How Do We Work?


First and foremost we recognise you as a unique individual, and one shoe size doesn't fit all. That's why we provide a complimentary exploratory call so we can get to know each other, and discuss your requirements so we can suggest the best course of action. 

Based on our call we will craft a personalised programme specifically for you. You decide what you want the 1 on 1 sessions to focus on, whether that be work, your private life, relationships, sport or simply for your personal wellbeing, perceptions, and skills.



You’ll learn the following: 

How to condition your brain for happiness

The neuroscience behind depression and anxiety.

The natural happy drugs and anti-depressants in your brain—and how to use them to cultivate sustained happiness in your- personal and professional life.

The secrets to becoming a peak performer.

How to hack into your biology—to better manage stress, to cultivate greater stores of energy, and to find your best way to live like you really mean it.

How to reinvent yourself at any age.

How to discover your Why, your driving force in life—your purpose.

How neuroscience can help you achieve more in less time and with less effort.


These will present these as extraordinarily simple strategies and techniques for extraordinarily successful results!

Your Next Step?


1. Request your complimentary exploratory call with Craig. 

In order to determine the type of support and training that can be provided as well as the estimated time requirement for future sessions. Hit the BOOK NOW button below.


2. Follow the simple prompts.

You'll be asked to provide your contact information and answer some questions that will help you to maximise the call and will help us assertion whether we are a good fit. Based on your responses, We will follow up to confirm our scheduled phone or zoom call; or if things aren’t a fit, we will point you to alternatives. 

3. Jump on the phone call or zoom on the scheduled day and time. 

Its as simple as that! 

At Great Minds Brainery, we’re about engineering human potential and performance.


Through groundbreaking neuroscience, we can help you harness the incredible power of the brain, discover what’s been holding you back at biochemical and psychological levels, and develop your capabilities for peak performance and happiness.


To truly change is to think and act differently in the same circumstances in your life. So, it’s not about limiting your challenges. It’s about challenging your limits!

Book a complimentary call with me to explore your limitless mindset and game-changing strategies to set new performance benchmarks.

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