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Man in Nature

Brimstone Program:

The 12-Month ‘Holy Grail’ of Packages.

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About The Program

Please Note: This style of coaching and consulting in these programs are highly practical with tactics and strategies to implement immediately. It is not a passive process it requires your active participation

The Brimstone Program is the “Holy Grail” of treasures that comes with miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance.

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The Brimstone Program has everything the Viceroy foundational program has, as well as the Baltimore program plus; another layer of higher learning.

The results of a 52-week intensive program covering every facet of human potential & performance; hacking into the biology of happiness, cultivating a meaningful psychology and pursuing the neurology of spirituality. This aptly titled program delivers on its promises.


Everything You Need To Know
Happy Woman

The main focus of this program beyond mental health & wellbeing, mindfulness and becoming a peak performer is the integration of spiritual practices in life and career to help you live happily and youthfully in infinite abundance.

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