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Begin to cultivate happiness, meaning, opportunity, and spirituality in only 28-days.

  • Breakthrough limitations 

  • Conquer fear

  • Overcome stress, fatigue, depression & anxiety 

  • and set yourself up to thrive; both professionally and personally in challenging times.

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About The

About the Course

"Becoming transformable is like opening a combination lock; hit the right numbers in the right sequence and you can reach the Holy Grail of personal transformation."

In this Course, I present extraordinarily simple strategies and techniques for extraordinarily successful results.

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  • How to condition your brain for happiness


  • The neuroscience behind depression and anxiety. The natural happy drugs and anti-depressants in your brain - and how to use them to cultivate sustained happiness in your personal and professional life


  • The secrets to becoming a peak performer. How to hack into your biology - to better manage stress, to cultivate greater stores of energy, and to find your best way to live like you really mean it


  • How to reinvent yourself at any age - and how neuroscience can help you achieve more in less time with less effort.....and much more!

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You Are Transformable is about CHANGE. This FREE 28-Day Course is part of a broader 13-week program, structured in a way that provides you with both a passage to read, a video to watch, and a challenge to complete for each of the 28-days in the online course. It delves into the 90-days science backed, research-driven process I developed as I hacked into the biology of happiness, the psychology of cultivating meaning and opportunity in life, and the neurology of spirituality.

About The Creator & Author of "You Are Transformable"

Craig Anthony boarding Private Jet

Hi!     I'm  Craig  Anthony

Over the last two decades, I have developed a robust and scientifically sound set of strategies and techniques to enhance human potential and performance. 


​I’ve applied them in my own life to breakthrough limitations; conquer debilitating life-stressors and thrive; both professionally and personally during challenging times.

I’ve taught these techniques to others with astonishing results that have led me to become sought-after coach and consultant providing advanced education to those who are looking to push boundaries and gain that extra edge.

I am a serial entrepreneur and former CEO & Co-founder of a boutique media agency and independent publishing house. Throughout my career I've collaborated with the worlds most iconic luxury lifestyle brands, along with some of the most notable tech, companies on the planet. I've advised, trained and coached clients in all sectors, from banking, finance and professional services through to technology and healthcare.

The "You Are Transformable" Program, is a product of crisis and transformation. It documents strategies that I've gathered throughout my life, steps I've taken to overcome debilitating stressors and reinvent myself, my life and my business to such a degree that I am now passionately living a rewarding and purposeful life. I have a great business, I enjoy peak athletic performance. I have more energy than I did in my 20's, and I have greater clarity and mental focus than ever before. And I am able to achieve way more in less time and with less stress than I ever could have. And you can do the same at any age!

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"I Made It My Passion To Document The Exact Step By Step Process I Used To Overcome Debilitating Life-Stressors To Completely Transform My Life" And Guess What? I'm Giving The "You Are Transformable" 28-Day Course To You For FREE...

YES! It's FREE for NOW.
So Hurry Up & Get Access To The FREE
"You Are Transformable" 28-Day Course NOW

Who is the
"You Are Transformable" Program for?

This Program will help anyone who is interested in personal and organisational development.


  • People lacking direction, meaning and purpose in life


  • People with short attention and focus 


  • Perform at their peak and achieve more in less time and effort


  • Struggling with high-functioning depression and anxiety


  • Suffering with brain-fog  and chronic-fatigue


  • People wanting to live a meaningful life and simply be happy


  • Lacking motivation and inspiration


  • People looking to reinvent their career at any age


  • Turn back the ageing clock, be more energetic and more...


So If You're Struggling To Make The Full Use Of Your Powerful Brain and Superhero Biology, Transformable Will Skyrocket Your Transformation....

What others are saying about "You Are Transformable" Program

I would recommend Craig to anyone wanting to better themselves, and considering coaching as a tool to help. Personally, it wasn’t anything like what I expected in the beginning (but in a good way) My mind was expanded to all sorts of possibilities I hadn’t previously even considered. 

Craig is very good at tuning into your personal needs with each session, and rather than follow some strict by-the-book programme he allows sessions to evolve in a way that engages you and brings up the right lessons at the right time. 

My original purpose for hiring Craig was to improve my trading results; and yes they did improve (+42% return in the first 6 months following our coaching sessions), but the results were really secondary to everything else I gained from our sessions; from shifting mindset, to discussing fitness and nutrition, meditation practices, goal-setting in other areas of life, and even marriage advice! 

I wish I could have a little pep talk with Craig every day, but above all he has given me the tools I need to successfully continue these practices in my everyday life without his ongoing support. 

If you’re ready to move up to the next level in whatever you do, then go for it! Craig will help you find levels you didn’t know existed."

Matt Craig.
- Brexit Business Analyst

 QBE Europe - United Kingdom.


 So if you want to achieve real success, if you want to use the "You Are Transformable" 90-day program to skyrocket your happiness and peak performance, then you need to grab this opportunity and get this FREE 28-Day Online Course NOW.

Craig Anthony

Great Minds Brainery

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